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Brand Ambassador Package
Brand Ambassador Package
Brand Ambassador Package

Brand Ambassador Package

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Buy A MiTouch - Get a Free MiBody!

MiTouch wearable Therapy device with KorOS2 inside

Simple to use, breakthrough handheld device which combines three clinically proven bioelectrical technologies for the effective, natural, drug-free relief of almost all types of pain, at the same time as helping your body’s own recovery process at the source of pain.

These same technologies can be used to speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains.


MiBody ultrawearable Therapy device with KorOS2 inside

KorOS2 Dualwave technology inside
For body natural therapy Pain relief and anti-inflammatory technology

MiBody is one of the easy to use NuroKor range of ultrawearables and featuring KorOS2 Dualwave Technology. Combining  the latest advances in Peripheral Nerve (PNS) and Neuromuscular stimulation (NMS), MiBody is an effective pain relief and anti-inflammation treatment  for joints, sprains, strains and bruises as well as minor sports injuries.

* This Limited Time Special Offer Product Set is only available via a NuroKor Brand Ambassador, and must be used with a NuroKor Brand Ambassador Discount Code to be valid.