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My Foot

"I was limping like I'd been shot in the foot.
Then, in about 12-hours, no limp."


But the national championship was about to be underway. Go Tigers! I headed over to a friend’s house to watch the game.

“Oh, my God! What did you do?”, was the greeting as I limped in.” My friend would later appear to derive child like joy from describing and imitating my limp on video.

At the time I didn’t know what I had done. My “unassisted diagnosis” was leaning toward a stress fracture? But, given the deep experience with foot fractures referenced above I knew that the choice was now either 4-hours of waiting in the ER and x-rays , or watch the game. It was a great game! 

Plus, I could “zotch” my foot while we watched. I am in the bioelectronics business for a reason. I absolutely believe in the technology, and our unique approach to formulating currents and wave forms.

So, before kick-off I did a 30-minute PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation). Intensity was 40-50% … I ran it high because the foot was really hurting when bearing any weight. That was followed immediately with a 20-minute MCS (Microcurrent) session.

I repeated that protocol while watching the second half. After the game (Congratulations Tigers!), the level of pain had improved from 8 of ten to 5-6, but bearing weight was still very uncomfortable. The stairs at the hotel were especially unpleasant.


I got ready for bed. Slept great. Woke up and walked halfway to the kitchen before realizing the pain had dropped to a Level 2 of 10. What?

By noon I walked into a meeting at a surgical practice with no limp. Pain level had improved 95%. Barely perceptible.

So, What Happened?

It’s all about the cuboid. The green bone in the illustration at the top of the page. It pops out of alignment. It is common among athletes and dancers. Yes, I realize I no longer represent either demographic.

I called our Medical Advisor, Dr. Rob Windsor, and after quizzing me about my front kick work out, and knowing my sordid podiatric fracture history, he said the most likely suspect was a subluxed cuboid. It also fit given that fracture pain would not subside in 12-hours.

Here’s what does not fit:

A subluxed cuboid can take days, even weeks to settle back into position unless it is manipulated by a podiatrist or physical therapist.

I got ready for bed and crashed. Slept great. Woke up and walked halfway to the bathroom before realizing the pain had dropped to a level 2. What?

"By noon I walked into a meeting with a surgical practice with no limp. Pain level improved 95%: It was barely perceptible."

What Happened?

In this business we can't speculate with claims. My experience may well be an outlier: A statistical anomaly. But, in my "opinion" Microcurrent (MCS) is what happened. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation (PNS) helped with pain, and may have stimulated some additional blood flow via muscular stimulation of the affected area. But, MCS has been shown to produce significant levels (450-500%) ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). ATP is like lithium ion batteries for our cells.

ATP has also been shown to reduce inflammation, and therefore shorten the duration to the Inflammation Phase of the healing cascade. We'll take a deeper dive into the mechanisms of action and the supporting physiology behind ATP later on our blog.

In the interim, here's a great Microcurrent overview (video - 1:29) and more on how NuroKor MCS works:

NuroKor MiTouch - biolectronic   device.

NuroKor: Wearable bioelectronic
technology innovation.

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