Use your HSA or FSA accounts - NuroKor products are qualified medical expenses.

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MiTouch Video User Guide

NuroKor MiTouch online user guide - treat pain and get back in the game faster. Learn to use all three bioelectronic modes. Drug-free pain relief and a training aid in one.

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Welcome to Incredible.

Welcome to Incredible The company slogan has quickly become “Welcome to YOUR incredible”. I will continue to use this catch phrase in future posts, but in honor of this being our first blog post I am going to temporarily adjust the slogan to “Welcome to OUR incredible”. “Our” is the combination of you (the users) and us (the creators) working together as a team to achieve less pain and more life. What if I said to you that you can finally manage your pain? What if I told you there is a real solution? What if you found out this solution was going to be available to you in less than 2 weeks? Now that I have your attention, I need you to know it has...

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