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Timeline of Electricity as Medicine

  "I am convinced that the therapy of the future will employ heat, light, electricity and agents yet unknown. Toxic drugs shall cede their place to physical agents, the employment of which, at least, has the advantage of not introducing any foreign body into the organism" Arsene D'Arsonval, 1896  _____ 2500 B.C. Stone carvings depict Roman physicians using electric fish to treat conditions._____63ADAncient Greeks use electric eels and rays to treat headache and migraine. The Greek word for electric eel is “narka,” meaning relief from pain - the root of the term “narcotics”. Ancient Romans devise an ingenious way to treat migraines and epilepsy. Scribonius Largus, the court physician to Emperor Claudius, is an early proponent of the treatment. For a headache,...

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What are PNS, NMS, and MCS?

What are PNS, NMS, and MCS? They are the three bioelectrical wave forms inside the NuroKor MiTouch device. The bioelectrical formulations programmed in the device activate the body systems in three ways to kill pain, improve performance, and speed recovery by keeping pain from limiting rehab activity. NuroKor® PNS - Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Pain pathway interruption stimulates endorphin release. Fast-acting body-natural pain relief for all types of chronic and acute pain. Scientifically formulated bioelectric treatments exactly hit the targets by blocking the pain signals travelling in your Central Nervous System. NuroKor® NMS - Neuromuscular Stimulation Studies show NMS can help combat muscle atrophy, improve strength, and assist with performance gains associated with better rehab workouts. Physical therapy designed to to relax...

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Cleveland: City of Pain?

Or, more accurately, "Cleveland: Thought Leaders on Pain Management Research". They're neighbors of ours here in the Detroit area, but we keep seeing Cleveland pop up in our research. At first, seeing your city's name populate searches on the subject of pain and opioid drug abuse might be troubling. Not in this case. Why does Cleveland keep showing up? Because there are some of the best and brightest minds in the world working to improve how humans manage pain right there on the shores of Lake Erie.      Cleveland it seems has a history of wanting to help people with pain. Unfortunately, their approaches have not always been good. Cleveland's Louis Stokes VA was a top offender in the VA's overprescription of...

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