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Arthur Itis is a Prick

A candid interview with a rheumatoid arthritis sufferer who found new options for managing pain with bioelectronics 25 years into his disease. Begging the question, "Why, after 100's of office visits and thousands of pills, was using bio electricals never even presented as an option?"

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Bill to support the state of Indiana with chronic pain passes Senate

We have some good news for the State of Indiana! Bill 162, which requires certain alternative pain treatments to be covered by health plans, passed senate on February 26th, 2019. Several states, including Indiana, have an alarming number of chronic pain sufferers becoming addicted to opioids. This bill would allow people to make a additional choices for pain treatment such as attending physical therapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic care. Prior insurance companies had fought against alternative care because of coverage costs. The bill was authored by state senator Mark Messmer, who stated “Now there’s enough statistical evidence across the country that if you get people pain relief some other way, it is immensely cheaper than getting someone hooked on opioids...

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