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Winning (Twice)

We have a unique policy in place at NuroKor-USA. Promotional giveaways at events and online are part of building markets for new and innovative products. It's good for business. People who use your products tell other people about their experiences. It's a sound investment.

Why not double down on that bet? Yes, we will. Starting today, every sales promotion that we run for a MiTouch device means we have two winners! One for the promotion, and an additional device to a military veteran. 

We thought that Medal of Honor Day would be a good time to go ahead and make that policy official.

Our next three veteran winners were nominated by Warrior Mindset Podcast hosts Brad Nagle, Chief, USN SEAL, and his broadcast partner Dannie Strable. Thank you, gentlemen, and congratulations to:

Todd Hoing - U.S. Army

Dan Cerrillo - USN, SEAL
Mike Moriaty - USN, SEAL

Thank you for your service!





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