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The Military Wins In June

2.5 Veteran & Active Duty MiTouch Winners! 

Last month we were part of the NuZest $1,000 Giveaway. We did have a winner, actually more than one in NuroKor's case. As many of you know, we donate an additional device to an active duty service member or veteran with every product promotion. 

So, congratulations to Kathy Castle, who is herself a veteran. She won a MiTouch and a MiBody device. Kathy's husband is a veteran, too, and we're confident he will be borrowing her prizes as needed. So we'll deem him "Winner No. 1.5".

We will also be donating a MiTouch device to Marine Raiders Regiment special operations warrior Eddie P. (Name changed - "Eddie" is still active.")

Congratulations to all, and thank you for your service. 


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