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The Body Electric Podcast: Spec Ops Knees

Ricardo was very active during his time in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was tough on his knees. But, he's still in federal law enforcement, and staying in peak physical condition is just part of the job. 

Ricardo shares his experience with bioelectronics on leg day. Ricardo may not break a sweat breaching a door, but leg day scares him! At least it used to. 





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  • Simone

    Hi John, am part of the worldwide team of NuroKor working here in the UK. Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the feedback and review by ‘Ricardo’. I am so happy to be part of something that will help the military men and women who gave so much to their country and that it gives them an alternative from addictive drugs. We will all spread the word that these options exist for active duty as well as veterans in the US and also across the pond in our parts of the world. A big thanks to you american patriots, we are with you.. And NuroKor is here to serve and bring betterment and relief. Simone

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