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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation as an Adjunct Therapy for Post-Op Pain

There is growing evidence of the efficacy of peripheral nerve stimulation and its use for postoperative pain management. This randomized double-blind, controlled trial involving 42 subjects showed that the technology can be used safely as adjunct analgesic therapy after surgery.

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Timeline of Electricity as Medicine

  "I am convinced that the therapy of the future will employ heat, light, electricity and agents yet unknown. Toxic drugs shall cede their place to physical agents, the employment of which, at least, has the advantage of not introducing any foreign body into the organism" Arsene D'Arsonval, 1896  _____ 2500 B.C. Stone carvings depict Roman physicians using electric fish to treat conditions._____63ADAncient Greeks use electric eels and rays to treat headache and migraine. The Greek word for electric eel is “narka,” meaning relief from pain - the root of the term “narcotics”. Ancient Romans devise an ingenious way to treat migraines and epilepsy. Scribonius Largus, the court physician to Emperor Claudius, is an early proponent of the treatment. For a headache,...

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