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Seniors, Minds & Music

So, here is some good news! 

What Music & Memory is doing is important, relevant, and high value-add for a lot of people.

I know this because I have both personal and professional experiences with memory care. Which means I understand what many of our seniors have been going through in the wake of COVID-19. It has been, well, gut wrenching to watch. Most are unable to see their families and have no idea why.

This is what makes Music & Memory such an amazing organization, and idea. Music & Memory has been working on this for over a decade, but it is suddenly more important than ever.

So, here’s what happened with Uncle Walt. A veteran of both WWII and the Korean Conflict. I found a little shop named Everybody’s Records in Cincinnati. They had all the old vinyl. Scored uncle Walt some Count Basie, Bennie Goodman, Cab Calloway, and Glenn Miller for his 90th birthday. My cousin said he played them all the time.

At 92 it started. There were some small falls. Mini strokes. Then the slow cognitive decline. By the time I visited him in October of 2019 he had withdrawn into himself, was prone to mild delusions, non-ambulatory, and the conversations recycled themselves on 3-minute loops.

But I knew he loved that old music, so I pulled some down on Spotify®. “Hey, Uncle Walt. I have some of your old albums. Want me to play them?”

I cannot even remember if he even responded. I was already trying to open the app and que up some Glenn Miller. I hit play on Count Basie instead. His eyes lit up. Like, immediately.


Uncle Walt & Aunt Elaine 

He started talking about my aunt Elaine, and my mom, and Uncle Dallas and Aunt Joyce, and his store: The Hoffman Street Grocery. He was instantaneously reengaged. It inspired awe. 

As I walked to the car, I remember thinking, “I just had a fluid conversation with a dementia patient for almost an hour.” When you watch the video below you will understand the simple power of the mission of Music & Memory.

Take a look. It is that cool. Watch Henry's story.Then just smile when you think about what this means for millions of older Americans struggling with dementia and Alzheimer's.

See Music & Memory at Work


If you are now compelled to help, here are two ways:

1. Donate directly to Music & Memory 

2. Get 30% off a NuroKor MiTouch and 20% of net sales go to Music & Memory . Or use discount code: Music&Memory at checkout.



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