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Physician & Athlete Test Drives Bioelectronics for Sore Knee

Dr. Rob Windsor, founder of GeorgiaRegenRx, is uniquely qualified to give feed back on e-stim devices. As physician he hold certifications in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Electrodiagnostic Medicine, Pain Medicine, Pain Management, Age Management Medicine (CAQ) - Cenegenics, and Regenerative Medicine – AAAAM. 

Dr. Windsor the Division I collegiate athlete was consistently ranked in the Top 10 in the nation in Track & Field – Shotput. He also holds an unnofficial world record bench press – 576 pounds, a black belt in Shotakon Karate, and is a lifelong weight lifter.

As a physician who is also an aging athlete, Dr. Windsor offers unique perspective on his experience with NuorKor's MiTouch device.


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