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Pineapple Fitness Looted

Well, the stupidity being perpetuated in our country has now directly effected us.

We had not yet announced as the 'soft opening" was setting up for mid-July, but we are partnering with Santa Monica-based Pineapple Fitness to build out a bioelectronic experiential training area in their center for elite athletes. 

Renowned trainer Nick Morris is the founder and CEO of Pineapple. He is the first Olympic gold medal winning coach of the modern rugby era, and served both the Queen of England and Nelson Mandela. 

I spoke with Nick this morning. He, said, "We'll do it again. Boom.Boom."  ("Boom. Boom." is Morris' motivational catch phrase.)

Our conversation was brief. He was exhausted from being up all night, and his Cockney/
Australian/Scottish whatever to heck over the top accent was even thicker given the lack of sleep.

Please use the following link if you're interested in learning more - Pineapple will receive a special 20% revenue share to help with rebuilding costs on any orders placed.

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