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MSDs Account for 50% of European Work Absences That Last 3+ Days

"MusculoSkeletal Disorder ( MSD) is a Pan-European Epidemic. the problem & costs to the wider economy, employers and employees are direct, indirect and intangible. MSDs account for 50% of all absences from work lasting 3 days or longer and for 60% of permanent work incapacity."

Very interesting applications for bioelectronics as employer discover the value helping workforces manage the pain and rehab more effectively. The business results are significant.

"Past studies have show proactive traditional physical therapies mitigate MSD issues and accelerate the return to work, ROI: Average savings  of  £2- £3, and in some cases  £8-10 for every £1.00 spent."

This whitepaper defines the scope of the issue, and how bioelectronics is becoming part of the solution. Full of interesting benchmarking data. 


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