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Mike's New Knee and Bioelectronics

That's Gotta Hurt


John Nycz, with NuroKor, had the pleasure of speaking with Mike McGlothlin. Matt McGlothlin is NuroKor-USA's Director, Physician and Clinical Channels, and Mike's son. We sent him a MiTouch unit before Christmas for pain. I mean ... look at Mike's Knee!

Both of the McGlothlin's both played college football. Mike played three years after his first knee surgery. It was in 1970 before doctors adopted arthroscopic tools. 

Mike and I discuss his use of PNS (Peripheral Nerve Stimulation) for pain, microcurrent, and how he will use NMS (Neuromuscular Stimulation) to build up the quadriceps pre-operatively.   

The story behind the x-ray is fascinating. As an "active consumer of orthopedic surgical services" myself, Mike and I dove deep into how the bone-on-bone caused the formation of new bone in the femoral head. Bone is actually growing into some of the tendons.

An interesting first-hand look into the process of TKR (Total Knee Replacement). This is the first of several interviews, as Mike will be using the device throughout his post-op, recovery and rehab processes, too. 

We'll be checking back with mike 3-4 days post-op. He should be happy to hear from us!

Good luck Mike. And, thank you.








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