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Not Surprisingly, Rugby Players Love Us

Ieuan talks about his investment and support of NuroKor as a project. The potential range of applications of the technology and how excited he is to be a part of the the vision. Ieuan Evans - Former Wales and British and Irish Lions rugby international who has spent most of his playing days as part of Carmarthen Quins RFC, Neath RFC and Llanelli RFC – as part of a team who won 5 of 7 cup finals. He finished his professional career with Bath, winning the Heineken Cup in 1998.

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Elite Athletes and NMS: Shocking Results!

His latest project is Electrical Muscle Stimulation: Optimizing Performance. In this white Paper he takes a dive into how the world's best athletes are routinely incorporating bioelectronics into both their recovery and training regimens.

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation as an Adjunct Therapy for Post-Op Pain

There is growing evidence of the efficacy of peripheral nerve stimulation and its use for postoperative pain management. This randomized double-blind, controlled trial involving 42 subjects showed that the technology can be used safely as adjunct analgesic therapy after surgery.

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Madonna's keyboard player rocks NuroKor while in London

NuroKor BioElectronics technology benefits many professionals such as athletes and musicians. We interview Ric’key Pageot, Madonna’s accordion and keyboard player, who came to London for her Madame X Tour and also trialed NuroKor.   #biotechnology #microcurrent #bioelectrical #nurokor #futureofmedicine #wearabletechnology #bioeectronics #biotech #electroceuticals #bioelectronics #healthcare #healthtech #woundcare

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